Issues With Sexual Confidence

Are men vain? Ask any girl from a cheap escorts agency and she will probably tell you that men are just as vain as London escorts women. Most London escorts have a thing about their boobs, and the vast majority of men who are into dating London escorts, have a thing about their penises. To quote one London escorts regular: “ A penis can never be too large.” Is that true?

Yes, penis extensions have become just as popular as breast enhancements. More men than ever before are seeking advice about having their pride and joy made larger or extended. What do London escorts think about this idea? Well, the truth is that most London escorts are not sure that have a penis extension is always such a good idea. It is far riskier to have a penis extension than to have a breast enhancement or any other cosmetic procedure.

What is the biggest risks involved in penis extensions? Infections can be a serious problem when it comes to having a penis extension. One of the London escorts we spoke to, said that one of her clients had undergone the procedure. Afterwards, he had picked up a serious infection that affected his urethra as well as his bladder. It took him a long time to recover and get back into dating London escorts. After he had recovered, he told his favorite London escorts that he wished that he had never had the procedure done.

Are penis extensions painful? A penis extension is one of the more painful kinds of enhancement surgeries that you can have done. It can lead to many months of discomfort. That is often something that the surgeon does not tell you. You will have to deal with swelling and you may even find that passing urine is a problem. What about getting an erection right away? It differs, but you need to face facts. It may take you some time to maintain a proper erection. You will be given medication, but above all, you need to learn how to be patient. Yes, it will take time for you to recover.

Do London escorts recommend penis extensions? You need to know that London escorts don’t know everything there is to know about penis extension. This is after all a relatively new type of surgery. There is something else you need to bear in mind before you go ahead with a penis extension and that is the cost. Penis extensions are very expensive. If you are thinking about having a penis extension, the best thing to do is to read about the procedure to make sure that you are fully informed before you go ahead. This is not an operation for the faint-hearted and you may even find yourself regretting having it done for many weeks afterwards. Yes, you will end up with a larger penis, but there is more to great sex than having a larger than average cock.